Who the f*** is T.O.M?

alias Tommy, Thomas, Tomek, Miles, Lance, Michael Mancini?


Who am I?  Well I'd love to describe myself as crazy, sexy, marvellous ... but I'm afraid that is far from beeing true ..
crazy - doesn't really fit - better would be psychotic, broken down or just mad
sexy - well If you call burping, farting and guzzling sexy, than you can call me sexy
marvellous - The only thing on me which is marvellous is my ... ähm ... well ... I forgot
You might think now, that I'm unconfident with myself. Oh come on - don't worry - I love myself!

Why the hell do I need this website? I guess there is no rational reason for creating such a site, but to be honest - I don't care! The most important things in life are not rational - so why should that side be? Substential for me is to live a satisfied and fullfilled life together with the people I love. I want to share my feelings, impressions, emotions and thoughts with them.

That is perhaps the only real reason for this page. But hey hey, beside that there are of course some facts which justify the existence of this site;-) ...  One is to document and observe my own life, which is definitely worth it. After a 13 year-break I finally have a diary again, where I can write down my stories as well as others. 

What do you need this website for? Participate @ my life and at the Events, Drama's and Affairs of our Dynastie. You can also let everyone participate @ your life. Use my guestbook (blog with me) and share your thoughts, experiences and feelings with us. And hey hey - let us entertain you - you'll see - this website is going to be better than any daily soap - even better than any prime time soap! Welcome to IMPERIAL LIFE!

You'll soon going to find every detail about this crazy creature here. The only thing I can say in advance is - I have a lot of friends, a lot of interests and a lot of power to manage a very very full life - as you are going to see on this website.

Just have fun!
Love you all


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